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A revolution in pig feed

How to achieve healthy piglets which grow well

As a farmer you want to rear healthy piglets which grow well. You also strive for the highest possible return on investment. To achieve this two factors play a major role: A premium quality feed combined with optimal management in the first weeks of life. Afterwards, the strong piglets can switch to a conventional compound feed.

What are your benefits when using Romelko

High-quality premium feeds ensure a healthy growth of your piglet. While a careful transition to conventional, cheaper compound feed increases your return on investment. This is why we say premium when necessary, regular feed when possible!

Increased survival

Reduce piglet mortality by feeding milk replacers

Prepared for weaning

Using Romelko helps to prepare your piglets for weaning

Healthy growing piglets

Helps your piglets to achieve full potential

Learn more about how to achieve healthy and rapid growth of your piglets

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The importance of early feed intake

Each piglet goes through the same process of growth, but does so at its own pace, and in its own way. This depends on factors such as genetics, environment, management, etc. In the first weeks of life the health of piglets is fragile, its digestive system is immature and needs gradual exposure to different raw materials. This gradual exposure will facilitate the transition to a different diet and the problems around weaning.Therefore, it is essential to provide supplementary feeds next to sow milk. There are 5 reasons to do just that:

  • 1. Learn to drink
  • 2. Learn to eat
  • 3. Learn to digest
  • 4. Extra growth
  • 5. Survival

Specialized piglet feed factory

Our Premium piglet feeds are produced in a dedicated piglet feed factory. Having a dedicated piglet feed factory enables De Heus to produce piglet feeds with a constant quality and therefore consistent and predictable results with your piglets. 

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Regular feed when possible

If your piglets go healthy and easy through the weaning process they can switch to a conventional fed sooner. This increases your return on investment. De Heus offers a tailor made feed plan for a smooth transition. Romelko premium piglet feed and our conventional feeds have been developed based on the same nutritional vision and core values. Our  conventional feed match our premium piglet feed perfectly. So we do not only help your piglets through the weaning stage as healthy and fast as possible, but we also provide a smooth and gradual transition from premium feed to conventional feed resulting in a higher efficiency for you.

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The importance of an early feed intake

Weaning is an important event in a piglet’s life. Here, the piglets learn to switch from liquid to solid feed. Learn more about how we can support you in this critical period.

Since we transferred to Romelko my piglets are healthier and reach a much higher weight after weaning. The piglets gradually get familiar to regular feed and my results are really good.

Joe Dutch

Pig farmer, The Netherlands